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WVU Student Researchers Present at 2023 URDC

WVU Student Researchers Present at 2023 URDC

Kevin Walden | Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Seventy-two West Virginia University students representing the Morgantown and Beckley campuses have been invited to participate in Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol from 8:30 to 11 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 10, in Charleston.

Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol provides students the opportunity to present their original scholarly works during a poster session and to talk with legislators about their findings. Nearly 120 student researchers from nine institutions will present in the areas of creative arts, education, health sciences, the humanities, STEM and social and behavioral sciences.

“As an R1 institution and a land grant university, WVU is a leader in high-impact research projects that benefit the state of West Virginia - and undergraduate student researchers are integral in the research process,” Amy Hessl, director of the Office of Undergraduate Research, said. “Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol is a great opportunity for students to share their findings and experiences with lawmakers, to learn about the legislative process and see how research can affect policy decisions.”

This year, students were mentored by faculty from the Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, College of Applied Human Sciences, College of Creative ArtsDavis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and DesignEberly College of Arts and Sciences, School of DentistrySchool of Medicine and School of Public Health.

In addition to WVU, other institutions participating include: Concord University, Marshall University, Shepherd University, University of Charleston, West Virginia State University, West Virginia Wesleyan College.

Below is a list of WVU student participants, along with their institutional campus, town of residence, research disciplinary focus, research poster title and research mentors:

West Virginia University (63 Presenters)

Abbey Clark, Clarksburg, WV, “Exploring Publicly Accessible Automatic External Defibrillators on West Virginia University's Campus,” (Community Health), Erin Jordan, Research Mentor 

Abigail Clasgens, Morgantown, WV, “An assessment of 30 years of aquatic invasive species management in the Ohio River,” (Environmental Studies), Brent Murry, Research Mentor 

Abigail Tillema, Fairmont, WV, and Kennedi Lewellyn, Buchannon, WV, “Effects of intestinal alkaline phosphatase on neurological outcomes and gastrointestinal dysfunction in acute stroke,” (Immunology and Medical Microbiology Neuroscience), Candice Brown, Research Mentor 

Alexander Flasch, Morgantown, WV, “Automation In Agriculture,” (Engineering), Guilherme Pereira, Research Mentor 

Alice Salter-Roy, Rockingham, VT, and Katherine Bixler, West Chester, Pa, “Mouthguard Utilization among West Virginia University Club Athletes,” (Dental Hygiene), Alcinda Trickett Shockey, Research Mentor 

Alyssa Carpenter, Bridgeville, PA, “What types of emotion regulation can be protective for Gender and Sexual Minority Youth?,” (Psychology), Amy Gentzler, Research Mentor 

Anushka Pathak, Morgantown, WV, and Antonio Perez, Morgantown, WV, “Craniosynostosis in the Appalachian Region,” (Medical Research), Pavithra Ellison, Research Mentor 

Ashley McCullough, Lumberport, WV, and Lillian Bischof, Wheeling, WV, “Modeling and Extrapolation of PJM Renewable Energy Consumption,” (Engineering), Fernando Lima, Research Mentor 

Bryan Ho, Martinsburg, WV, “Identifying Characteristics of Drug Molecules That Suppress Inflammation in the Body Using Computational Methods,” (Chemistry), Blake Mertz, Research Mentor 

Caleb Roark, Beckley, WV, “Rehabilitating Modern German Political Thought in the Post-WWII Era,” (Political Science), Philip Michelbach, Research Mentor 

Chyanne Reid, Hedgesville, WV, “Lipid Modification of Cone Phosphodiesterase is Crucial for Color Vision,” (Biochemistry), Visvanathan Ramamurthy, Research Mentor 

Cooper Motzko, Morgantown, WV, and Brandon Mundy, Wheeling, WV, and Brent Murry(research mentor), Morgantown, WV, “An Overview of Phenology of Ichthyoplankton in the Ohio River Basin,” (Fisheries Science), Brent Murry, Research Mentor 

Daniel McDonald, Morgantown, WV, and Jenny Read, and Nicholas Szczecinski (research mentor), “Robotic implementation of an insect-like stereoscopic vision system,” (Engineering), Nicholas Szczecinski, Research Mentor 

Dean Sweeney, Jefferson Township, PA, “Techno-economic Optimization of a Palladium Membrane Reactor for Steam Methane Reforming Industrial Process,” (Chemical Engineering), Fernando Lima, Research Mentor 

Egon Mamboleo, Morgantown, WV, “Stress analysis of mini-screw assisted rapid palatal expander using finite-element analysis,” (Biomedical), Osama Mukdadi, Research Mentor 

Elena Maddy, Peterstown, WV, and Bec Hyde, Morgantown, WV, “Audacious Women: Societal and Environmental Impacts on Women through Dance,” (Dance), Yoav Kaddar, Research Mentor 

Ella Moats, Morgantown, WV, “Understanding the Biosynthesis Regulation of the Anti-Malarial Compound, Artemisinin, in Artemisia Annua,” (Biochemistry), Vagner Benedito, Research Mentor 

Emily Dugan, Mineral Wells, WV, “OOSNCR1, a novel oocyte specific long-non-coding RNA in cattle, is cytoplasmic and maternally derived,” (Biology), Jianbo Yao, Research Mentor 

Emily Herron, Weston, WV, and Alexis Fetter, Bedford, PA, “Can we use immune cells to heal nerve cells?,” (Neuroscience), Aminata Coulibaly, Research Mentor 

Emma Swiger, Morgantown, WV, “Effects of Novel Compound (ELP-004) on Multiple Myeloma Cell Proliferation and Associated Bone Degradation,” (Immunology and Medical Microbiology), John Barnett, Research Mentor 

Ethan Boddy, Charleston, WV, “Want to Start Smoking? Think Again!,” (Psychology), Julie Patrick, Research Mentor 

Ethan Harner, Morgantown, WV, “Making Place in the Mountain State: Exploring creative placemaking in Princeton, WV,” (Geography), Bradley Wilson, Research Mentor 

George Harris, Waverly, WV, and Rachael Johnson, St. Marys, PA, and Hannah Nicoletti, Wilson, NC, “The Connection Between the Use of Dental Floss and Bacterial Transfer,” (Dental Hygiene), Alcinda Trickett Shockey, Research Mentor 

Grace Udah, Westover, WV, “Caregiving demands and income predict depression among caregivers to those with developmental disabilities,” (Psychology), Grace Udah, Research Mentor 

Ha Tran, Morgantown, WV, “Mn-based A-Site High-Entropy Perovskite Oxides for Enhanced Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Production,” (Engineering), Wei Li, Research Mentor 

Haley Liu, Morgantown, WV, and Amanda Lux, Morgantown, WV, “The Effect of Chewing Xylitol Gum on Plaque Score,” (Dental Hygiene), Alcinda Trickett Shockey, Research Mentor 

Hannah Duba, Accoville, WV, and Halie Duba, Accoville, WV, “Relationship of Periodontal Disease and Tobacco Usage Retrospective Review,” (Dental Hygiene), Alcinda Trickett Shockey, Research Mentor 

Isabella Crouch, Hurricane, WV, “COVID-19, Time Perspective, and Coping Strategies Related to College Students’ Mental,” (Psychology), Jonell Strough, Research Mentor 

Jack Evans, Annapolis, MD, “Na, K-ATPase β2 Subunit is Indispensable for Maintaining Retinal Neural Circuitry and Function,” (Ophthalmology), Saravanan Kolandaivelu, Research Mentor 

Jacob Dial, Milton, WV, “Appalachian Sartorial,” (Fashion Design), Collen Moretz, Research Mentor 

Jordan Stewart, New Concord, OH, “WV Forest Landowners’ Perceptions of Forest Carbon Offset Programs,” (Forestry), Kathryn Gazal, Research Mentor 

Joseph Harrah, Evans, WV, and Rachel Phillips, Morgantown, WV, and Ray Gerner, Morgantown, WV, “CO2 Conversion Performance of Nickel Catalysts on Varied Supports,” (Chemical Engineering), Madelyn Ball, Research Mentor 

Justice Duvall, Inwood, WV, and Jenna Colagiovanni, Monongahela, PA, “A Survey to Determine The Level of Patients' Anxiety During a Dental Visit by the Professional,” (Dental Hygiene), Alcinda Trickett Shockey, Research Mentor 

Kailey Cullen, Charlestown, WV, and Mackenzie Parker, Hollywood, MD, “The Importance of Face Shields in an Oral Healthcare Setting,” (Dental Hygiene), Alcinda Trickett Shockey, Research Mentor 

Kallie Schafner, Morgantown, WV, “Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin inhalation exposure increases circulating xanthine oxidase in pregnant dams,” (Toxicology, Physiology & Pharmacology), Elizabeth Bowdridge, Research Mentor 

Kasey Blankenship, Morgantown, WV, and Seyednavid Mardmomen, and Guadalupe Leon, “Compressive Strength and Heat of Hydration for Concrete Containing  Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag,” (Engineering), Roger Chen, Research Mentor 

Kayla Clark, Parkersburg, WV, and Darcie Trotter, Scott Depot, WV, “Toothbrush Protector or Bacteria Collector?,” (Dental Hygiene), Alcinda Trickett Shockey, Research Mentor 

Kelsey Razvillas, Morgantown, WV, and Kirsten Stephan (research mentor), Morgantown, WV, “Herbaceous Layer Response to Repeatedly Harvested Strip Cuts to Obtain Woody Biomass for Energy,” (Environmental Studies), Kirsten Stephan, Research Mentor 

Kennedi Lewellyn, Buckhannon, WV, “Anti-inflammatory and Anti-microbial Activity of Recombinant Alkaline Phosphatase in a Mouse Model of Sepsis,” (Immunology and Medical Microbiology), Candice Brown, Research Mentor 

Laura Ransom, South Charleston, WV, “Assessment of International Bridge Codes on Modified Serviceability Requirements for I-Girder Bridges,” (Engineering), Karl Barth, Research Mentor 

Lauren Imler, Duncansville, PA, and “Identifying Gender Related Differences in Graduate Medical Education with Web-Based Professionalism Monitoring Tool,” (Education), Manuel Vallejo, Research Mentor 

Leah Thomas, Morgantown, WV, and Madison Lindung, Morgantown, WV, “Portable Screening Solution to Firearm-related Crimes using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS),” (Forensic Science), Tatiana Trejos, Research Mentor 

Lillian Bischof, Wheeling, WV, “Modeling and Economic Optimization of Solar Power Expansion in WV using System Advisor Model,” (Engineering), Fernando Lima, Research Mentor 

Lindsay Maxwell, Elkins, WV, “How to Reduce Fatal Officer-Involved Shootings in the United States,” (Criminology), James Nolan, Research Mentor 

Luke Chaddock, Minerva, OH, “Densification of Appalachian Hardwoods for Enhancing Structural Properties,” (Forestry), Gloria Oporto, Research Mentor 

Madison Lindung, Morgantown, WV, “Transfer and Persistence of Gunshot Residue on Clothing and Synthetic Skin Substrates by SEM-EDS,” (Forensic Science), Tatiana Trejos, Research Mentor 

Madison Mann, Morgantown, WV, “The Fight to Eliminate Injustices Towards Juveniles: A Review of Literature Examining Incarcerated Adolescents,” (Criminal Justice), Amy Kennedy Root, Research Mentor

Maggie Robertson, Saint Marys, WV,  “Optogenetic & Olfactory Investigation of Serotonergic Neuron Regulation in Drosophila melanogaster,” (Biology), Andrew Dacks, Research Mentor

Makayla Anderson, Beckley, WV, “Exercise and Cognitive Decline: Sedentary Behavior Predicts an Increased Risk for Dementia,” (Exercise Science), Bernard Schreurs, Research Mentor 

Manar Hesino, Morgantown, WV, “Language Acquisition, Trauma, and Risk of ASD Misdiagnosis Among Syrian Refugee Children in the U.S,” (Arabic Studies | Communication Sciences), Manal AlNatour, Research Mentor 

Maria Rincon Perez, Morgantown, WV, and Paola Perez, Morgantown, “Separation of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) from drinking water sources,” (Engineering), Oishi Sanyal, Research Mentor 

Nikki Vilasuso, Morgantown, WV, “Measuring the Present Forest to Acquire Insight of Past and Future Carbon Sequestration Capabilities,” (Environmental Studies), Brenden McNeil, Research Mentor 

Rachael Hubert, Pittsburgh, PA, “Emergency Contraceptive Availability In Us Colleges & Universities,” (Biology), Cassidy Kidwell, Research Mentor 

Rachel Morris, Charleston, WV, “Disruption to Discovery: Transporter Knockdown Provides Insight into Tsetse Development,” (Biology), Rita Rio, Research Mentor 

Rachel Phillips, Morgantown, WV, “Development of Nickel Catalyst using Different Oxide Supports and Synthesis Methods,” (Chemical Engineering), Madelyn Ball, Research Mentor 

Rebekah Gooding, Morgantown, WV, “Death and the Occult: the Impact of Western Esotericism on Arnold Böcklin's Paintings,” (Art History), Megan Leight, Research Mentor 

Riley Klug, New Martinsville, WV, “Ceremonial Instrumentation from Pre-Columbian Costa Rica,” (Archaeology, Art History), Megan Leight, Research Mentor 

Ryan Wager, Waverly, WV, “Biomimetic Structural Self-Assembly,” (Biomedical) 

Savannah Lahey, Charleston, WV, and Megan Merritt, Monaca, PA, “The Cariogenic Potential of Sweeteners in Vaping E-Liquid,” (Dental Hygiene), Alcinda Trickett Shockey, Research Mentor 

Teagan Kuzniar, Morgantown, WV, “Temperature, Oxygen, and Vegetation as Drivers of Microbial Dynamics in Warming Peatlands,” (Environmental Microbiology), Ember Morrissey, Research Mentor 

Tyler Giorcelli, Fairmont, WV, “Effects of Physical Activity on Tumor Induced Muscle Fatigue in PyMT Mice,” (Physical Activity and Sport Sciences), Emidio Pistilli, Research Mentor 

Tylor Yost, Morgantown, WV, and Nathan Blake, Morgantown, WV, and Matt Walker, Morgantown, WV, “Individual water use efficiency in beef cattle,” (Agriculture), Matthew Wilson, Research Mentor 

Victoria Nist, Massillon, OH, and Heather Chaney (research mentor), and Jianbo Yao (faculty researcher), “Expression of Melanocortin Receptors and Attractin in the Bovine Ovarian Follicle,” (Agriculture), Heather Chaney, Research Mentor 

Zachary Ellis, Rencik, WV, “Probing the Morphological and Mechanical Changes in a C. elegans Model of Huntington's Disease,” (Biophysics), Justin Legleiter, Research Mentor

West Virginia University Institute of Technology (7 Presenters)

Miles Bowlin, Morgantown, WV, “Perceived Risk of Adventure Sports Among West Virginia Residents,” (Physical Activity and Sport Sciences), Joshua Roe, Research Mentor 

Jason Constable, Beckley, Raleigh, and Nicholas Junkins, Shady Spring, WV, “The Wedge Collar,” (Engineering), Winnie Fu, Research Mentor 

Pau Eslava, Beckley, WV, and Josue Nunez, Beckley, WV, “Solar and Wind Power Station,” (Engineering), Winnie Fu, Research Mentor 

Emily Henry, Beckley, WV, and Evelyn Patterson, Meadow Bridge, WV, “Characterization of Superhydrophobic Polyallylamine/Teflon Coating on Metallic Substrates,” (Chemistry), Tarek Farhat, Research Mentor 

Eugenia Marcelli, Beckley, WV, and Tanner Myers, Princeton, WV, and Abdelrahman Rabie, Beckley, WV, “Mechanical Motion Capture System,” (Biomedical), Winnie Fu, Research Mentor 

Kelly Mills, Beaver, WV, and Isaiha Casto, Beckley, WV, and Emily Henry, Beckley, West Virginia, “New Sustainable Solvent for Hesperidin Extraction,” (Chemistry), Gifty Osei-Prempeh, Research Mentor 

Noah Quesenberry, Herndon, WV, “Efficient Interprocess Communication in a Multi-Threaded Environment,” (Computer Science), Somenath Chakraborty, Research Mentor

Potomac State College

Megan Kline, Mount Savage, MD, “Agent Orange: Vietnam War,” (Chemistry), Roshan Lamichhane, Research Mentor 

Timothy Reidell, Shinnston, WV, “Comparing the Effects of Recidivism: Inside Private and Public Prisons,” (Criminal Justice), Deanna Brooke-Armentrout, Research Mentor